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Barcelona Chair Modern Styling or Of the Past?

Here at 123 Kitchen Furniture we love furniture, design and in general unique styles that improves and scream attention to detail. Once of the most iconic pieces of furniture we can speak about would have to be famous Barcelona Chair, an iconic metal and leather design that has been around for centuries. We recently watched a 25 minute documentary on the chair, the design and how it came to be as popular of an item as it currently is today.

I have posted the video below for anyone curious in learning more about the design! Even in modern times and the 21st century we still see this iconic piece of furniture being used through modern households. A classic comfortable chair that is fold-able, stylish and classy looking is one of the iconic designs of the 20th century.




Eames Chair and The History Behind it

Welcome to one of the most influential chairs of all times, yes we are talking about the Eames chair, the classic walnut wood chair with stretched leather and the classic kick stool! A must have in any modern home, cigar smoking lounge or study.

The chair was originally desinged by charles and Ray Eames, you can read more about the actual design on their website, This Chair is a classic piece of furniture that has liven through well over 60 years of design. Still to this day it triumphs as an elegant item that is suited for any luxury setting and or living room.

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The Modern White Kitchen

Searching to improve your kitchen / entertaining area? Well we’ve got some tips that may help you inside your design process without emptying your wallet. The Whitened kitchen is really a trend that’s returning, although not the same as traditional genres of kitchen design we’re speaking about open concept whitened kitchen areas. Not your early generation eighties kitchen areas which had more entrances than an ant hill.

Towards the most home owners your kitchen within the central section of a house, you prepare, drink, so homework and entertain using this multi-purpose room. Most contemporary day houses have accomodated many of these features to their building plans however if you’re within an older home or simply searching for an update we’ve got some ideas and tips plus some great pictures to actually backup what we should are talknig about. Now many people whenever you enter their kitchen is ideal when it comes to usability however the actual way it looks might contradict this, in the end this can be a mult-use room not really a restaurants production room.

We Interviewd Jesse Wilhorne of Souther California and she or he were built with a couple tips and methods for obtaining affordable kitchen furniture, her first suggestion ended up being to go to a location like Ikea because they provide full kitchen solutions normally at reasonable prices, you are able to sit lower having a professional and personalize counter top colours, designs in addition to designs within an intuitive program the organization has designed. Another solution is always to explore show houses because the designers do consider great designs and modern colour pallettes.

Check Out some of our Photos below.



Bedroom Furniture + Suggestions to Make it Comfortable.

Welcome to Kitchen Furniture’s modified and up-to-date website! Our update remembers our tenth year running a business being an online provider of knowledge relating to your house and DIY projects for your house. Whether your bed room is really a large suite, or perhaps a cozy retreat, you’ll need all of the fundamentals-an appropriate mattress, space for storage, along with a proper bedroom table-but it’s also nice to include inside a couple of extra supplies for any little charm and elegance, if space enables. We have come up with an accumulation of good step-by-step building projects to outfit home.

Today we will be covering 10 very basic items that every bedroom should encompass! Granted these are the basic items and basic pieces of furniture that we feel is important for a bedroom this is up to the interpreter and you can modify this list as you see fit. Remember the bedroom is a sacred place that you should feel comfortable in and also allow yourself to calm down and end goal sleep within. One tip that we always suggest is make sure the room has something in it that is beautiful to look at, this could be a vase, rug, painting or even an amazing light fixture. We have attached a couple picture below that might spark an idea that you can run with!

Another item to keep in mind that is important is your privacy, if you live in an apartment you don’t want people peering into your home while you are taking a bath or a shower! Acquire some blinds that give you privacy however also don’t compromise your lighting situation, Next on your important list is going to be selecting a bed that screams comfort while complimenting the room! Buy a bed that is sized properly for the environment in which it will reside! This can include choosing a great headboard selecting a comfortable mattress and so on. Another thing to keep in mind is the importance of the sheets in which you are sleeping in? Are the multi-ply sheets? Egyptian cotton? Get something that is comfortable! After all you do spend 6-10 hours a day in this place! Why not spend the money and treat yourself.

Lighting in another important one that made our list! If you don’t have proper lighting you are not going to enjoy the environment, Don’t buy furniture that is over the top big that blocks windows, less is more so be intuitive when selecting these items.

If you have anything else you would like to contribute to this list! please let us know.


Landscaping in the 21st Century & Laying Sod

A couple weeks ago I came across a video that was highlighting how to lay sod in your backyard, i found the video to be very helpful as I am actually currently undergoing a major re-design to my own backyard.

Check out the video below.


For max growth and optimum gardening tools you are going to need a couple very important steps as well as important elements, grass in addition to sod will require a couple of important things Among people things is proper soil with great amounts of diet. Ontop from the we want just four products to actually obtain the eco-friendly little strands that u . s . states drool over. We could spell it out air, water, sun and great nutrient wealthy soil. Reduce any of these important items and give the grass to much of one and your setup for disaster also to keep in mind your gras might also just die or turn into brown dead clumps. However if you are able to balance all of these items and get the correct balance your greens will definitely reward you with a great looking yard. The end result would be delivering not only beauty for the landscape, but furthermore a obvious and rut to see and a lot of benefits of the climate.

Grass acquires three of those four essential factors(air, water and diet) within the soil, however, many soils are under well suited for growing grass. Some soils contain an excessive amount of clay and might be very compressed… ideal for streets, harmful to grass, because water and air aren’t open to the roots and also the roots can’t grow. Other soils might have an excessive amount of sand! Now this could be beautiful on the beach, Another frequently observed trouble with many soils is the fact that its pH is simply too high or two low for max grass growth.


Selecting Roofing Shingles For the Correct Environment

For most north american’s the thought of having to re-shingle your roof is an after thought or something that you don’t normally have to think about up until that hail storm comes around and blows it apart or it start leaking. Both of which are very stressful times and in reality can also be very costly if you don’t have coverage or your roof is not currently still under warranty.
If we look at the structure of any modern day home the roof is easily the most vulnerable exterior piece of your home, The Exterior surface is thin and gravity doesn’t necessarily work with any structure that is flat and battling mother natures harsh elements. Obviously Keeping the house dry and the inside of any home is important so naturally the roof is kind of an important exterior component, On-top of contributing to the safety of my possessions inside of my home the roof also can change the way your home looks drastically. Modern dies and technologies also allow clients to really choose a wide variety of different colored shingles and shakes.

At this time you will find more options available on the market than ever before, so selecting the first is tough. I understand since i am at the time of choosing a roof covering on my home and the selection process is very cumbersome. My current Canadian residence is based out of Calgary Alberta with a city of around 1 million finding a roofing company is not that of a hard task however finding a reputable Calgary roofing company is tricky.

Anyways long story short I was able to find a Calgary roofing company that was able to accommodate my request they came out showed me shingle options as well as even took me up onto the roof to show me the damage done to my fascia and eaves-troughs.

We did explore wood shingle options however the thought of having to deal with potential mold and the obviously being less durable than asphalt shingles I opted to stay with traditional styles of roofing materials.